The Last Day of My Virgin Life
Visual Novel

The Last Day of My Virgin Life

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Released on

30 Apr 2019




Theo is a very normal guy: a bit nerdy, secretly in love with his best friend, Vanessa, and quite unsuccessful with girls. But a terrible curse is going to change his life forever... for the good, or for the worse, that's up to you. Doomed to live the same day over and over again, teach Theo how to use this particular situation to his advantage: learn how to seduce the hottest girls in his class, have tons of sex, help him find the love of his life, and give him a happy ending – if you're able to! Seduce and have sex with up to six girls, all of them with different looks and personalities. Experience the joy of a threesome – if you're good enough. Make important choices that will shape Theo's life for the rest of his days. Try everything and don't be afraid to fail: tomorrow is NOT another day. Uncensored, mobile-friendly visual novel with multiple choices – live the last day of your virgin life... Until you're satisfied!