Forest Guardian
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Forest Guardian

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30 Jul 2020

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Forest Guardian

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Visual novel


Forest Guardian is a sexy and alluring visual novel that tells the story of a lone traveling merchant who wanders into a fearful forest. What awaits her is a journey of discovery with surprises at every turn. The sultry mix of hentai and supernatural elements make this visual novel stand out in a captivating way.

Prologue where Anna is talking to one of the villagers

Background and storyline

This first-person gameputs you in the role of Anna, a traveling merchant who refuses to heed the warnings of the villagers and heads into the realm of the daunting forest guardian. Getting lost along the winding paths of the woods, you stumble across a shrine belonging to a sexy Kitsune, a spirit that resembles a fox. As it happens, the Kitsune is the renowned forest guardian herself. She wants to restore you to health and makes you promise not to wander off as long as you are a guest in her shrine. The mystery of the forest and its nature spirits builds as you learn about the supernatural forces at work all around you. Despite this frightful dimension, the relationship between you and Mayu continues to deepen as you progress in the narrative. Young and inexperienced as you are, you rapidly fall under the charms of this tempting creature with the full breasts and magnetic sex appeal.

Anna meets the guard of the forest

Gameplay and objectives

Playable on desktop, this click-based game mostly advances without much intervention on your part. Forest Guardian combines romance and sex with mystery and suspense. The narrative revolves around the history of the forest, including the humans who have shaped its past and the spirits that have remained behind. The story adopts at times a philosophical dimension that contributes to character development. Due to the mysterious nature of the plotline, you are never entirely sure if you are in good hands. However, as the object of Mayu’s desire, you blissfully fall into the rhythm of life in the forest and welcomethe sexual advances that you have been secretly longing for.

Dialogue with the Kitsune


Much like the rest of the game, the hentai scenes provide a mix of suspense and pleasure. They always occur in the most unexpected ways and are highly varied. Featuring exclusive girl-on-girl action, they serve to enrich the deepening bond between Anna, the human, and Mayu, the forest nymph. Once unlocked, the hentai illustrations are available in the gallery, some of them offering the possibility of a replay. The tension between the two women is very palpable as Anna comes to terms with her budding sexuality and initially resists her attraction to the curvaceous Mayu, only to give in to her impulses in torrid sex scenes. The highly detailed, engaging graphics and the dynamic sex positions enhance the overall gaming experience.

Hentai scene from the first ceremony

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The picturesque illustrations of landscapes and dwellings are extremely well-executed. The attention to detail and vibrant colour palette brings each of the numerous scenes to life!

Music and sound effects

The soundtrack alternates featuresseveral pieces of classical music that lend a calm atmosphere to the game.

Extract from a lesbian Hentai scene


The game can be played on a desktop computer and is incredibly easy to master.

Difficulty and lifespan

This simple game has a very long lifespan andan engaging plotline made up ofa single continuous scenario.

Some facts and figures

  • Lesbian love story
  • Over 15 stimulating hentai illustrations

Anna at the hot springs


There is a delicious air of mystery around the game, in which dark forces intermingle with the good and the realm of the supernatural meets the real world. It capitalizes on the age-old story ofa naïve and sexually inexperienced young woman who ventures into a dangerous forest despite the fear it instills in the hearts of villagers living on its outskirts. This is a sexy story of discovery and coming-of-age through intense sexual experimentation.

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An original, mysterious and very profound visual novel!