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13 Jul 2020

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Sex Gladiators

Sex Gladiators Welcome screen



Recently added to Erogames, Sex Gladiators artfully combines RPG and tactical gaming with hentai. While advancing through the game, you will unlock all kinds of characters: gladiators, bandits, and sexy women eager to reward you for your efforts. This game provides alluring visuals and a range of challenges that hook you right from beginning. Read on to learn more.

Background and storyline

You play the role of a gladiator-in-training who starts off in the training gladiator pit and must work his way up the ranks. By participating in battles against your enemies, you earn the privilege of unlocking characters and benefits. You must continually upgrade your players so that they can fight stronger enemies and thereby unlock more aspects the game.

Map of the Sex Gladiators universe

The game dialogue is very well-written, particularly the humorous trash talk exchanged among gladiators before battle. The amusing retorts are almost as comical as the character names, which include players like “Brutus Violatus” and “Biggus Dickus”.

Gameplay and objectives

This game requires a desktop and a mouse, as the entire range of actions is controlled by the cursor. There are several locations that become unlocked along the way, such as the Campaign, the Bordello, the Tavern, and ultimately, the Colosseum. The end goal is to become a “faceless one” by partaking in tutorials and training against enemies. In the Campaign, you fight your enemies to build up your skill, experience, health, agility, and strength. You can access this and all other locations from the main screen, which also includes a table featuring your achievements and a store where you can purchase useful items to help you advance.

Gameplay of a battle between Cassius and Ergon

Store items can be purchased with gold and diamonds earned in successful battles. Some items, like weapons and body pieces, can also be in battle. Use these pieces to upgrade your gladiators’ status at the Blacksmith. The more fights you win, the more characters you amass and the closer you get to unlocking all the hentai scenes your heart desires. To sum up, this game is all about making tactical decisions tounlock various characters, locations, weapons, and yes…sexy women. Are you ready to drive your gladiator team to success?


The hentai illustrations in this game are uncensored, extremely detailed, and delightfully varied. You get to save women from bandits and add them to your “Bordello”. Let Zoey, Oxana, and Ramona show you just how grateful they are that you have liberated them.By clicking on the standard gender symbols in the Bordello, you can access the cinema and unlock hentai illustrations and films using tokens you have bought or earned. The hentai illustrations are very varied and well-rendered, including orgies and girl-on-girl action, too.

Extract of an orgy with Ramona

There are various scenarios starring the women you unlock throughout the game. What’s more, you can come back to the cinema whenever you have a surplus of tokens and use them to unveil even morehentai scenarios. You will be compelled to return again and again to discover what this sexy cinema has in store for you.

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The graphics are very high-quality and attractive. There are also many changes of scenery and intricately designed locations. The hentai illustrations are extremely varied.

Music and sound effects

The beautiful music sets a pleasant ambiance and the sound effects are well-adapted to the changing subject matter, such as the battle scenes.

Gallery of unlocked scenes


The game is played on a desktop browser and is very easy to master. All you need is a mouse or mouse pad to click around the screen and select your activities.

Difficulty and lifespan

This game has a very long lifespan andan engaging plotline. Hours of gameplay will speed past you as you remain focused on your end goal.

The Wheel of fortune in Sex Gladiators

Some facts and figures

  • Playable on a desktop browser
  • Wide range of characters
  • Numerous girls to satisfy
  • Over 15 hentai films and illustrations
  • Available in French, English, Chinese, and Japanese

Piece of the puzzle which represents Ramona


Sex Gladiators offers a captivating blend of hentai and history. This exciting game is replete with engaging dialogue and encouraging rewards. Once you get used to the gameplay, you will find that it is very fast-paced and able tokeep you hooked for hours. Are your ready to step back in time for an action-filled adventure game coupled with passion and sex? Then put on your armour and let’s go to battle!

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