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24 Feb 2020

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Multilayer RPG


A new release on Erogames, Pixel Princess is an old-school adventure game in pixel art with the perfect mix of hentai, RPG, cooperation and fun. Just for you, you’ll find creatures of all kinds, characters willing to do anything to thank you for your effort and you’ll have a whole host of quests to do.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Story and presentation

The game starts off telling the story of the hero, you take on the character of a mercenary, who after a few years of wandering, finds himself in the town of Edelon. This is where he comes to hear of the princess who has disappeared from her mother, the queen. After talking to the queen and having been promised all kinds of rewards (glory, fortune and sex), the adventure begins.

A window which shows all the possible moves and actions in the game will also appear; this will be important for the rest of the adventure.

A pretty simple but effective presentation which will mark the start of your quest.

The RPG gameplay

Gameplay and objectives

There are two ways of playing, on a normal PC with a mouse and on a mobile device.

On a PC, the gameplay is very simple, you do everything with the mouse, you’re in the universe of Zelda and you do everything with single, long or double clicks, for battles, dialogues and exploring (all of this is noted in the options the whole time).

The user interface is pretty clear and the objects are easy to identify.

With a mobile device, it’s much the same, but as these are tactile, you can choose how you want to play, or you can even switch between the two modes and you can go back to what you save on either device.

Your objective then is to save the famous princess, but added to that are a whole load of related quests and hentai scenes of all kinds.

The inventor of the adventurer


In this game, the hentai scenes are really detailed and they are uncensored, sometimes you’ll come across some interesting creatures (like a succubus, for example), which makes the scenes original and fun. What is cool is that there are quite a lot of related quests which give you access to sex scenes. Added to that is the fact that you can also ask for the services of working girls and you’ll be more than satisfied.

Extract of a hentai fury scene

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The game is a pixel art game, it’s very old school but the diverse and detailed environments are refreshing. The characters also work well, both in terms of their expressions and the colors (a special mention goes to Lana). The hentai scenes are very well-made, and the characters are beautifully rendered, which makes them a pleasure to look at.

The animation flows without any slowdowns or glitches.

Music and sound

The music is varied and it works really well with the RPG style, the ambiances change to suit the surroundings or the people you come across, and during the hentai scenes the noises and sound effects fit the context perfectly.

The Lana Rain character


You have two choices, to play on a computer using a mouse or to play on a phone/tablet with a tactile screen. The two ways of playing are easy and once you have understood how the attacks and the magic works, it’s much easier to move forward through the game.

Difficulty and duration

Like all good RPGs, you need to kit yourself out and try things out to increase your experience and to be able to move forward with ease. The numerous PNJs really help you to progress and they add something to the additional quests, which will make the game last longer. The leaderboard means that you can play again, and try to finish the game in record time.

RPG Gameplay of the adventurer

Some facts and figures

  • 2 different ways of playing, on a mobile device or on a PC
  • Over 30 PNJs and a wide range of creatures
  • Around fifteen additional quests
  • More than 10 high-quality hentai scenes
  • A leaderboard so that you can measure yourself against other players

Introducing the queen


Pixel Princess brings to an old-school RPG with some good ideas, and even if there are a few things we would like to have seen some things done differently, the game offers a refreshing take on a quest, and a whole lot of extra content. The gameplay and the difficulty level are just right and sometimes you might need to check the route map to move forward.

The characters and the drawing of the hentai scenes look really good, a shout-out to Lana Rain, who will definitely spice up your quest. A very good little game on

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A multiplayer action RPG, which is ultra sexy and retro!