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17 Dec 2019

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Gay Harem

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Free-to-play RPG


Gay Harem is a free to play 2D based anime styled game with a mixture of Visual Novel and RPG. In this game, you will be playing the role of a horny goofy looking guy who is alsokindhearted at the same time. As the main character, you will be going for an adventure in search for guys that will join your harem to fight with you. On your adventure, you will be meeting new characters, do different sexual acts with them and complete missions. In addition to that, the game also offers side quests for you to play where you can get rewards that you will need to strengthen your harem and your character.

Let’s find out more about it.

Adventure Mode map

Story and presentation

The game is about a goofy looking horny guy who took an adventure in “Haremverse” to search for guys that will join his harem in order for them to be saved from all evil macho dudes and be the best stud. This all started when a package was mistakenly sent to Bunny’s house which contains the “Fruit of Power”. Immediately after he took a bite, a man came and got furious upon seeing his Fruit of Power. He then, challenged him to a ‘Harem Fight’.

As he goes on searching for guys, he will be defeating with some enemies and complete some missions. Also, hewill be encountering different guys whom he will have different sexual intercourse. The visual novel part of the game is full of hentai scenes and hilarious scenes, dialogues and parodies of some popular animes. In “Haremverse”, sex is free and can be shared with everyone. Sex is also done to solve conflicts except in the case of consensual sado-masochism.

List of and introductions to characters


The game, especially the visual novel part of it, is full of Hentai scenes. These hentai scenes as well as the characters facial expressions are very detailed. Even the actual sex scenes are detailed. You will encounter different sex position and different kinds of hentai girls. But aside from sensual acts, the hentai scenes also have hilarious scenes in its dialogues and interactions as well as their sexual intercourse. They even add parodies that made it funnier.

The forbidden fruit in Gay Harem

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The game is a 2D based anime style drawing. The design of the characters and the hentai scenes are very detailed and they were able to clearly illustrate the parody of some popular games.

The graphics are cool. Even the effects on the visual novels are cool too.

Music and sound

The music is well suited for the game.


The objective of the game is to build a strong harem that will fight with you. And in order for you to do that, you will need to go for an Adventure, complete quests and convince guys to join your harem. Aside from convincing guys, you will also need to strengthen your character as well as your harem. And in order to do so, you will need to win battles to get additional XP, items and money that you can use to strengthen your harem.

In the Visual Novel, which is the ‘Adventure’ part of the game, you will be travelling to 2 areas that has a total of 8 worlds with different quests. In each area, you will be meeting different guys whom you will have different sexual intercourse. Also there will be a boss that you will need to defeat. In order for you to go further on your adventure, you will need to have energy and money to purchase items. Your energy will recharge naturally but you can also buy full recharge using kobans (Gold coins). You will be getting additional XP, items and /or money for every mission that you complete.

In the turn-based RPG part of the game which is the Arena, Champions and Tower of Fame, you will be competing with other harem based on sexual performances. Whether you win or lose, you may still you obtain additional XP, items and /or money.

Difficulty and duration

Gay Harem is a Point and Click Game. In the Adventure part, which is the Visual Novel part of the game, you just need to click next or energy or money depending on what the story indicates. The game will not require additional command keys, even in the RPG part on Arena, Tower of Fame and Champions.

In order for you to strengthen your character and your harem, you will need to earn experience and get items, kobans and money. And this game offers so many ways in which you can get these as your rewards. You can either get these as you go further in the Adventure; as you do battles in the Tower of Fame, Arena and Champions; as well as in the Harem section. You can also get rewards daily from Pachinko; from the Market and from the Activities.

An extract of the visual novel part of GH

Some facts and figures

  • 200+ sexy guys with different stats and preferred sexual positions
  • 2 areas with a total of 8 worlds containing different quests
  • There are also in game purchases.
  • The game contains a lot of sexual positions and hentai styles.
  • In the turn-based RPG section you will need to take note of the 3 sex styles in a Harem Performance which are: Hardcore, Charm and Know-how

An introduction to Bunny

Some part of the game

  • Pachinko: part of the game where you can get exclusive guys and legendary items, special event-exclusive rewards, ultra-exclusive guys for a limited time, and wide selection of rare items using Pachinko Orbs.
  • Tower Of Fame: where sight with other harem and earn experience and get rewards from fighting with other leagues using Challenge Tokens. You can also join clubs and see rankings.
  • Arena: part of the game where you can fight with 3 opponents’ harem in various sex positions get additional experience, ego points and rewards.
  • Activities: part of the game where you can complete missions and join contests and get rewards.
  • Club: where you can join or create your own club to be acknowledged by other heroes. But you need to have at least 15 guys to access this feature.
  • Market: part of the game where you can purchase and upgrade materials.
  • Harem: part of the game where you can find all the information aboutguysas well as collect money from them. You can also upgrade their Level and Affection here. The guys will lessen their clothing as you upgrade their affection.
  • Profile: part of the game where you can customize your character and your Orgy Team.

A totally crazy orgy


GayHarem is a 2D based anime style game that covers Visual Novel and turn-based RPG. What’s interesting about this game is that aside from it having full of hentai scenes, the game also have hilarious scenes and dialogues and a good storyline. With its detailed designs, cool effects and graphics, this game is a must play game. The storytelling and the scripting are very good. And funny jokes are perfectly delivered. The gameplay and the difficulty level are just right. A very good game on

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