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Kagura Games

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08 Jun 2018

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Rumours of mystery, treasure, and adventure have been spreading across the land about the ruins of Gardona. It has brought many travellers and adventurers to the city, including Makina, a renowned swordsman known throughout the kingdom for her prowess and her luscious, sexy body. The game has unique sex scenes, a corruption system, and a compelling storyline and characters. All of this makes Fallen an unforgettable, uncensored RPG that is also mobile-friendly!

The hostel for the adventurers of Gardona

Background and storyline

This pixel-art game starts you off as the famous “Blazing Haired Makina.”As one of the Kingdom’s most renowned adventurers, you feel compelled to explore the mysteries of the ruins and discover its riches. But there’s something not quite right about this place…The citizens of Gardona seem to be acting strangely, growing more and more deviant. Adventurers arere-emerging from the ruins with a strange curse whereby they revert to their childhood state and are no longer able to take care of themselves independently. It is up to you to explore the town and find out what could be causing these abnormalities. Maybe you will find the answers deep within the halls and catacombs of the ruins. Or perhaps, you too will succumb to the spreading corruption...

The priest of Gardona tries to approach

Gameplay and objectives

There are several ways to play: on your computer, tablet or mobile. Use your mouse or track pad and arrows to advance on your computer, or just your touchscreen on other devices. To access the menu, all you need to do is right-click or tap two fingers on your touchscreen. The large town of Gardona has been bustling with activity since it grew in popularity due to the purported riches of the ruins. You will encounter over 30 NPCs and multiple locations that you must explore to ultimately access the ruins and engage in combat. You must also keep an eye out for opportunities to collect items and gold, such as barrels and treasure chests. Once in the ruins, you can fight enemy monsters to obtain gold. The turn-based combat scenes give you the option of selecting your preferred action in order to effectively destroy your enemy. You can use this gold to buy weapons, antidotes, and most importantly, to increase yourplaying level.

The adventurers’ training camp


The hentai scenes in this game are uncensored and elaborately depicted. The various sexual scenarios generally feature the main character, Makina, a curvaceous babe with an anime-style face. She goes from being an adventuress on a mission to one of the town’s most popular prostitutes. Thereis a mysterious brothel in town that everybody keeps talking about and, before long, Makina becomes its star prostitute, having sexual encounters with all kinds of visitors, even goblins! The sex positions are manifold and varied, including doggy style, missionary, and everything else in between. Once you have completed the game, you have exclusive access to a recollection room where you can view all the unlocked hentai illustrations.

Makina gets felt up in exchange for a favour

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The graphics are very detailed and attractive. There are also many intricately designed landscapes and locations to visit and explore. This elaborate attention-to-detail heightens the overall aesthetic appeal of the game.

Music and sound effects

The music and sound effects are very well-adapted to the situations. Period music accompanies you in the various locations around town, growing suspenseful as you approach the ruins. The sound effects include combat noises and pleasant ambient sounds around town or the forested outskirts.


You can play on mobile, tablet, and computer. The game is very easy to master as all you need to do is direct your character around the screen using the arrows or your fingers on a touch screen device. Press the space bar to interact with objects and people.

Difficulty and Duration

Like any classic RPG, you need to do your fair share of exploring and discovery in order to advance with ease. The game definitely has a long lifespan, but you may save your progress at any time and pick up where you left off.

Makina heads off to investigate in the church

Some facts and figures

  • Over 70 hentai scenes
  • 3 ways to play: desktop browser, mobile, and tablet
  • Wide range of characters
  • Over 45 unique CG’s with multiple variations
  • Multiple endings

Combat mode gameplay in Fallen


The mix of RPG and visual novel makes for a varied gaming experience that gives you the freedom to choose your own path in an open-ended storyline with multiple possible endings. The visuals and hentai scenes are captivating and diverse, featuring a multitude of sex positions.

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Total immersion in the world of Gardona and an impressive number of Hentai scenes!