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26 Dec 2019

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A.S.S: Aether Shades & Shadows

ASS Loading screen

Adventure RPG

Introduction and lore

“The Starblade realm is in danger and is in desperate need of a hero; so, over 800 deities have combined their powers to reincarnate you, the Starblade hero. With no memories prior to your reincarnation, and without a clue about how to solve this crisis, you will need to muster strength to prevent the end of the world. The fate of the StarBlade realm rests with you, Hero.”

The hero wakes up after receiving this briefing from Goddess Kala, and must find his way through the Starblade realm and gather companions to join his cause. With the fate of the world resting on his shoulders, the hero begins his journey into the unknown…

The plot of the game is quite short, and the current content only goes up to chapter 3 of the main storyline. The story has a pretty decent background and set-up, but definitely needs to be fleshed out in order to become a fully developed storyline in the Starblade realm.

Upgrade interface


The battle system is very well-designed and captivating. The gameplay and graphics are consistent with current mainstream mobile games.

The players have a high degree of freedom during the battle. All characters’ positions and actions can be adjusted, allowing players to dodge enemy AoE attacks. Combining strategies and battle animation, the battle experience flows well and is easy for players to follow.

Additionally, the skill cut-ins look good and are the main selling point of its non-H graphics. Not only are the characters’ voices in sync with the skills triggered, the battle is very visually appealing and greatly enhances the player’s level of interaction with the girls.

ASS Main Menu

Music and sound effects

The music is nicely composed and really suits all the different scenes and modes:

+ Eerie music and intense sound effects during combat

+ Passionate victory music

+ Soothing lobby music

+ Appropriate H-scene vocals and sound effects

Extract of a Hentai Scene from ASS

Lifespan of the game

A.S.S. Players is a game with lots of things to keep players busy and engaged. Players will need to work for currency in order to obtain characters. They will also need resources in order to level up, as well as feeding materials for extra character stats. The game is grindy and requires a lot of time for the players to reach the end of the game.

Also, judging by the numbering on the characters, there are an estimated 1000+ characters and evolution forms. The game definitely has a great character pool for the players to collect from.

Battles in ASS

Hentai scenes

As the girls grow in strength and more help arrives from all over the Starblade realm, the hero will come to realize that he has built a harem while trying to save the world. When the girls power is at the maximum for their ranks and levels, and their intimacy levels with the player are at a maximum, their animated hentai scenes become available to the players.

There are already 27 characters with H-scenes in the current release. With a character pool as large as “Astral Shades & Shadows”, gamers can expect many more H-scenes to come.

Second extract of a Hentai Scene

Numbers and figures

  • 27 characters with animated H-scenes released to date
  • 1000+ character variations for players to collect
  • 3 story mode chapters
  • Hundreds of friends to choose from and collaborate with!

Team Manager


In summary, I’m looking forward to future developments of this game. With a decent amount of characters inherited from its predecessor, the lifespan of the game should be pretty good.

An RPG with epic battles!