• Horny Arcana
    Horny Arcana

    A leader of a demon army, who was skilled in mind control magic, corrupted and took control of some unprepared adventurers, making them part of their team for the invasion of Charde Kingdom. You are the only person who knows the cure to help them, so you will team up with Zoe and the rest of the girls to form the Peachy Troupe, in order to save the Kingdom. To make your group stronger, you will recruit characters who will help you win the battle. This will be the start of your journey as the Horny Arcana.

  • Boobs in the City
    Boobs in the City

    The girls’ water pistol competition has become the world’s most thrilling new sport, every girl dreams of being part of the waterpistol competition and becoming the very best! You, as coach of a newly founded team, are going to train variousgirls and make their dreams come true. From a professional dancer to a part-time maid; from slender to curvy, you are going to teach them more than water-pistol skills. You are going to have relationships with the girls, date them, and they will take care of your “water pistol”. Experience an exciting online competition with girls, get them addicted to you, train them with your “water gun” in a 3D design. .Join Boobs In The City and meet your water pistol girl! Boobs in the City is exciting hentai shooting game on android.

  • Craving Quest
    Craving Quest

    The Goddess of Genesis, Vanessa, is fast asleep, in the village of Alta Milan, far from the Realms of Elements, or so goes the legend. The Elements have been touched by Darkness, and there are monsters crowding around, ready to attack the Realms. A trio of travellers from Alta Milan have been whisked to Sky Island, home to the Elves and Dragon Rider. Take this crazy trip with them and get to know new sexy heroes, and help them to rescue the Realms, which are seriously endangered! Get your hot heroes together to face up to the bosses in battle! Pick whether you want to attack or to shield when you go up against other players! You can choose from elves, dwarves, mermaids, hellhounds, robots, and many others to make up your own perfect team! More than 100 original seductive characters with hentai mode! All the ultra-sexy characters can be upgraded, and they all have their own specific skills to bring to the battle! And also they have uncensored Hentai Visual Novels with - unveil the most taboo fantasies of your heroines by unblocking all their secret bonuses. Craving Quest is an uncensored hentai game.

  • Hentai Heroes
    Hentai Heroes

    In many different themed worlds, you will have to convince girls to join your harem and to fight for you. You will make your way through stories which are both fun and sexy, meet bosses and experience some nice hentai situations. It's your job to develop your harem in order to make your girls stronger and to win all of your fights, whether they are against bosses or other players. Hentai Heroes is a game that mix several styles: Visual Novel, RPG and even manga parodies! Game is compatible with mobile devices and free to play.

  • Need for Sin
    Need for Sin

    Hardcore urban jungle action, where gang warfare and down and dirty sex are on the menu… Need for Sin is an adrenaline-filled, buzz-killing RPG which takes no prisoners. Plan your strategy to win the battles in the constant gang warfare, and take your kicks where you can get them with hot sex with whores. Are you gangster enough to take down your enemies ? With a huge choice of weapons and characters available, so that you can build your tough crew and defend your turf : • Form your own gang, where you're the boss • Take on the best sluts to pleasure you, and then upgrade them • Lots of characters and themes: MILF, Lesbian, Japaneese, Ebony, Anal, Teen... And lots more characters! • Achieve your missions by shooting, stabbing and bombing your enemies into submission in urban shootouts, close quarter street fighting and bar brawls. • Lots of different skills and battle tactics available for you and your team.

  • Gods of Hentai
    Gods of Hentai

    The Gods plan to invade the world, sowing chaos in their wake. They have been corrupted... The gate between their world and ours is now open! Choose your side, the Cult or the Order, to fight this threat! In a story mode that will make you fully live this adventure, embody beautiful characters, each sexier than the next and make them fall from pleasure! Take on the role of a luscious warrior, an assassin with a real charisma or a mage of unsurpassed virility. Build your team with creatures as mighty as sensual by recruiting them in the Tavern with panties. Equip and reinforce powerful Artifacts and Relics, complete the levels of the Megazob Tower, and overcome many more challenges to become the best! Fight against other players on your server and make them your slaves, or, you can become friends with and share your strength in a Guild and Daily Events to earn more rewards. The temperature’s rising… This game will make you melt, in more ways than one! Gods of Hentai is multiplayer flash game only available on PC/MAC.

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