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Ammolite (アンモライト)

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04 Mar 2019

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Oppai Cafe

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Visual novel


Featured on Erogames, Oppai Cafe is a visual novel with rather classic gameplay, which is nonetheless livened up by a unique plot line that you will love getting into. The game combines hentai elements with naughty family dynamics to make your wildest fantasies come to life!

Background and storyline

Every day after school, Kazuki and his little sister Sarah help their mother Satomi run the family café. But ever since a new French maid café has opened in the neighbourhood, business has been much slower than usual, and Kazuki's father needs to come up with a way to deal with the competition.

This is how Sarah and Satomi end up wearing sexy outfits every day in order to attract more customers. And Kazuki is going to have a hard time resisting these two hotties.

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Gameplay and objectives

You can enjoy the mother/daughter rivalry between Satomi and Sarah right on your PC or mobile device. They will be totally hooked on you, so make sure you take the time to satisfy both women’s innermost desires. To do this, all you need to do is pick your move from the choices that appear on screen during the hentai scenes!

The replay value of the game also allows you to have fun by favoring one of the girls while stirring up the other one’s jealousy!

Extract of a hentai scene


As far as the hentai aspect is concerned, the game will keep you highly engaged, with its many exciting scenes that largely make up for the fact that the images are censored below the waist. Not to mention that the incest factor really heats up the action. The constraints are well worth putting up with for the sake of satisfying these two sexy girls!

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Technical points

Graphics and animation

The graphics are high-quality, the hentai scenes are well-executed, and the different ways you choose to turn your partner on will elicit different animations.

Music and sound effects

The fact that they’ve kept the original Japanese soundtrack truly enhances the gaming experience. It will soon get you in the mood and you won’t want to stop!

Hentai scene with Sarah


Given that the game is available in both PC and mobile phone format, you can choose between mouse and touchscreen. The gameplay is genuinely easy, as very few actions are required to move forward in the narrative of the game.

Difficulty and lifespan

This is a simple game consisting of dialogues, some choices, and a whole lot of fun. Plus, its replay value will allow you to explore the taboo family dynamics to your heart’s content and to mix up the storylines by trying out the different options at your disposal.

Some facts and figures

  • 2 ways to play: PC or mobile phone
  • 2 girls to satisfy
  • Over 20 exciting hentai scenes
  • 2 alternative endings

Hentai scene with Satomi


Erogames has brought us an exciting game, so that we can freely explore one of society’s most taboo fantasies.

You can opt for your mother’s maturity and experience over your sister’s fragility and innocence, or vice versa. But keep in mind that it’s better to avoid rejecting the advances of a sexy girl, especially if she’s a member of your own family!

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