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24 Oct 2019


Monster Cunt

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Monster Cunt

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Action RPG


Monster Cunt is an RPG hentai game which revolves around different stories and is full of battles. The story in the main game, the Story Stage, is about three people who uncover darkness, despite knowing each other's true identities. The Event Stage features a story about a specific hero. And the game also has an Arena Section where you can play with other online players.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Story and presentation

At the beginning of the battle part of the game, you will take on the character of Madam Reynas. She will do battle with the Dark Dragon. However, just when she is about to deliver the final blow, the dark dragon releases huge energy from its mouth and she fails to dodge it. The massive dark energy corrupts her in no time and makes her memory fade. Madam Reynas falls from the sky and ends up at the edge of the forest, where she meets Anis and Luke. Madam Reynas is called Haley from then on, as her spear has the name Haley Gestie inscribed on it.

Character selection interface

As the three characters move through their quest to fight darkness, they will meet new characters, fight with enemies and discover secrets. As they unblock more stories, the revelations become more and more intense.


You will find hentai scenes in the Story Stage, and also unlock the heroine’s skins and her memory. The hentai scenes in the Story Stage are very impressive for a visual novel. The descriptions of the scenes are very detailed, which makes you feel like you’re actually seeing what is happening. The illustrations of the scenes are great, and combined with the descriptions, they make the scenes seem more real.

Extract of dialogue from Monster Cunt

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The game is a mixture of 2D, 3D and Visual Novel. The graphics are excellent. The concept and design of the game are very cool and modern. The hentai scenes are incredibly detailed for a visual novel.

Music and sound

The music, background noises and sound effects of the game, including during the hentai scenes, are engaging. The music selection really suits each part of the game well.


The game is divided into different parts. One part is Adventure, which is further divided into subcategories: Story Stage, Daily Stage and Event Stage.

Extract from a hentai scene

In Story stage, you will unlock chapters as you go along. You will follow Madam Reynas’ journey as Haley and you will meet different characters who will help her regain her memory. In order to complete each chapter, you need to defeat enemies by bringing together different characters to form a 6-person team. The key to progressing is to level up your characters and weapons. Also, each character’s element will help you gain the upper hand against your enemies. Water is stronger than fire. Fire is stronger that wind. Wind is stronger than water. Light and Dark are each other’s weaknesses. Each stage will display the enemy’s element so that you can prepare a team with a stronger element to have more attacking power.

Rewards for victory

The Daily stage allows you to obtain items that will help your character to level up, strengthen your weapons, earn in-game coins, and get gifts to unlock each character’s memories.

The Event stage features the story of a specific character. Completing these stages will give you a chance to get exclusive items and even heroes.

You can play the game using your android phone or tablet. This will act as your joystick once you enter a battle scene. This is similar to some mobile games where the left side is for the arrows and the right is for attack and skills. The game also has an Auto Attack Mode which will enable your characters to automatically attack enemies.

Difficulty and duration

Each time you complete a stage, the enemies get stronger. As you level up, the power of your weapons and your characters increases. Increase your strength by powering up your weapons and training your characters. The higher your level, the greater your chance of completing each stage. The story stage carries on and the event stage changes from time to time and features different characters’ stories.

Battle Gameplay in Monster Cunt

Some facts and figures

  • The game offers downloadable APK for you to enjoy at your convenience.
  • 20+++ characters.
  • Currently, the Story Stage consists of Normal Mode and Elite Mode with 14 Chapters and 9 playable stages. The Elite Mode for each chapter will only be available once you complete the Normal Mode.
  • The game also features Arena Mode where your team can battle against others. The great thing about this section is that you can see the battle phase without controlling your character.
  • Raid Battle is the section of the game where you can join other players to fight an enemy. You can also create your own raid so that others can help you.

Monster Cunt user interface


Monster Cunt is a game with great potential, full of battles and which has amazing effects and a very good storyline with twists and surprises. Once you complete each chapter in story mode, you will be dying to move on to the next one to find out what will happen next. While you are waiting for the next chapter to be available, you can explore different sections of the game to power up your character.

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