Lust Of The Apartment Wives
Visual Novel

Lust Of The Apartment Wives

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Released on

25 Jan 2018


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You’re a grocery delivery man, well-liked-by everyone in a small friendly neighborhood. You’re charming and friendly, but you’re not as innocent as you look. You have a secret fetish about housewives! They’re often neglected by their husbands, so they’re looking for some action too. You will meet 3 women: Kaori, a mature woman of 45 who is full of sexual desires and who has been after you for a long time, Ryoko, a 37-year-old woman who has let herself go a little and is totally frustrated, and Mayumi, a young mom of 31, who is very friendly and who you’ve known since you were kids.Let's go, your rounds have started! Which woman will you deliver to first? A visual novel which offers 3 very different scenarios with different endings, which is totally uncensored and done in a drawing style which will delight fans of the genre. Each woman has her own style and her own personality, we’ll not spoil the surprise of you getting to know them… But be warned, you will need to play several times to unblock everything.