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Kagura Games

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08 Jun 2018

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Rumors of mystery, treasure, and adventure have been spreading across the land about the Ruins of Gardona. It has brought many travelers and adventurers to the city, including Makina, a renowned swordswoman known throughout the kingdom. But there’s something not quite right about this place… The citizens of Gardona seem to be acting strangely, growing more and more deviant. Could this have something to do with the ruins? It comes down to Makina to explore the city and find out what could be causing these abnormalities. Maybe she will find her answers deep within the halls and catacombs of the ruins. Or perhaps, she too will succumb to the spreading corruption... Game has over 45 unique CG with multiple variations, over 70 unique sex scenes, multiple endings, corruption system, compelling characters and story. All these makes Fallen an unforgettable, uncensored and RPG, that is also mobile-friendly!