Detective Masochist
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Detective Masochist

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14 Jan 2019

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You are a childhood friend of Satomi’s, a beautiful, tall, smart girl. You’re in the “friend zone” with her and so she’s never seen you as more than a friend, but everything's about to change. A mysterious stranger will bring about a transformation in Satomi. She has become kinky and sadistic, and hungry for sex, and wants to satisfy all her desires with you and her friends. You will need to find out the reason for her new behavior very quickly, or you may end up losing your virginity to her (is that really a problem?). All the same, she’s your friend and you have to help her! What are you going to do? You’ve always dreamed of being a detective, it's time to start the investigation! Can you solve this riddle? For those of you who don’t know anything about “Futunari”, they are women who have all their female attributes, but through a genetic error, a spell or a mystical modification, they also have male sexual organs! Well-drawn, with many detailed scenes, this visual novel contains almost 600 images and sweet and sexy world.