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15 May 2020

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Cunt Hunter

Cunt Hunter loading screen

3D Dating Sim


Cunt Hunter is a 3D-based hentai game where your skills will be tested and you’ll be sexually pleasured. Get ready to exercise your fingers, test your thinking skills and enjoy the view as you get to know our gorgeous ladies:Hana, Yui and Jina. Date eachof them, play mini-games, send gifts and make love.

Story and presentation

At the start of the game, you’re having a sexy dream and you wake up in a place called “Girl Hunting Island”. This is where you will meet Hana, Yui and Jina. A mole will introduce you to all three girls. To pique your interest and get you hornier, you will hear personal details about the gorgeous girls and their personality before you even start playing the main game.

You will get to date each of the girls in 4 different maps (Seaside, Woods, Swimming Pool and Bar). Startingwiththe Seaside Map where you can date Han, you complete missions and earn goldto unlock the other maps.

Cunt Hunter main menu

On your date, you’ll play mini-games, dress her up and make love with her. You need to make sure that she has a lot of feelings for you, either by buying her gifts using gold or a sex potion using diamonds. You can also give her dresses that you can unlock using dress fragments and diamonds. If she has a high level of feelings, she will let you make love to her. You can make love with each of the girls by undergoing H-Missions, and then you can record the sex scene, which you can enjoy watching anytime.

In order to keep going, you will need gold, diamond energy and dress fragments, which you can get from playing mini-games, making sure you don’t miss your Daily Check-in and completing quests.

Character outfits Interface


All the aspects of this game are hot and horny, not only because of how the girls look, but also because of the many sexy and risqué outfits and sexual positions that you can experience throughout the game. The full experience right from the introduction, through the loading page and the main game to the H Mission and the gestures and videos in the album will leave you more than satisfied. The sex scenes look so realistic that they will make you want to play even more and unlock all the sensual scenes.

Extract of a hentai scene

Technical Points

Graphics and animation

The game is in full 3D.The graphics and animation of the game are excellent. The way the sex scenes look very realistic will definitely encourage players to play more. When you tilt your mobile device, the camera angle will change, which will give you a different view of the girls. This is amazing, especially when you are checking out sexy poses. The effect when the girls change outfits is also very cool. The concept and the design of the game are brilliant too.

Music and sound

The music, background noises, sound effects, and even the voices of the girls are engaging, especially during the sex scenes. The music selection for each part of the game really fits in well.

Gameplay and objective

You can enjoy playing this game on a mobile device.The objective of the game is to play more mini-games and get the scores required to unlock more features in the game. In order for you to unlock maps, girls and some features of the game, you will need gold, diamonds, dress fragments and energy.

Mini-games are time-pressured, so you need to be fast to obtain more rewards and unlock some features in the game. Depending on your score, the rewards may include gold, energy and dress fragments.

Cunt Hunter messaging system

Gold can be obtained either by playing mini-games, daily check-ins or by using diamonds. And for you to obtain these items, you will need to either play mini-games, complete quests or check in every day. Gold can be used to buy sex gifts which you can give to the girls to increase their feelings. Once their feelings are high, they will accept gifts and you can have sex with them. You can also use gold as well as completing some missions to unlock maps.

Diamonds can be obtained by playing mini-games, by completing quests, daily check-ins or by purchasing them with EG. Diamonds can be used to unlock girls, outfits and sex potions.

Dress Fragments can be obtained by playing mini-games. Dress fragments are needed to unlock sexy dresses, play private videos and complete H-Missions.

Difficulty and duration

In order for you to move forward through the game, you will need gold, diamonds, dress fragments and energy.

Energy can be obtained by playing mini-games, daily check-ins and by purchasing it using diamonds, whereas dress fragments are collected to unlock sexy dresses. Some outfits are required to unlock missions within H-Missions and to unlock private videos.

Mini Games

Seaside (Shoot Shoot / Find a Number)

Woods (Whac-A-Mole / Insert Pin)

Swimming Pool (Jumping / Mental Arithmetic)

Bar (Sorting / Remember the Beats)

Presentation of the character Hana

Some facts and figures

  • You will get to date 3 beautiful and sexy ladies: Hana, Yui and Jina
  • 4 different maps (Seaside, Woods, Swimming Pool and Bar)
  • This game contains 2 Sets of Quests (Repeat Every Week - where you can get Diamonds and Sex potions / Permanent Achievement - where you can unlock Sexual Positions)
  • Albums for each of the Girls: where you can see 40++ Sexy Gestures, 15++ Sexy Videos and Private Videos.
  • Gifts: where you can purchase gifts using gold to increase their feelings
  • Outfits: where you can see the sexy outfits that can be unlocked (20++ sexy and revealing outfits)
  • Salon: where you can do make-overs on the girls
  • Video: where you can watch private videos
  • Change: where you can change their outfit based on your preferences.
  • Girl’s Info: where you can get to know each of the girls better and see the clothing and jewelry available.
  • Sex Potion: can be purchased using diamonds. It is used to increase the girl’s feelings in one go
  • 5++ H-Mission: entrance to Sexual Bliss. This is where you can have sex with the girls while doing your mission. Sex which is recorded will be available in the album for you to enjoy anytime.
  • Fragment List: this will give you an idea as to how many fragments you already have to unlock a dress as well as other dresses that can be unlocked.

Hana at the beach


Cunt Hunter is one of those 3D hentai dating game that will definitely make you want to play more. With its simple but challenging mini-games and many detailed and realistic hentai scenes, players will surely be glued to their phones. It's easy and fun, but most of all it will satisfy the hentai cravings we all have.

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It’s definitely a perfect game for players who love Realistic Dating sims.