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Broke Girl

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Banana King

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28 Nov 2019

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Broke Girl

Title menu of Broke Girl

Simulator, strategy


Broke Girl is a sexy visual novel that brings all kinds of erotic taboos to life. This game will delight you with its unexpected twists and turns, sultry subplots, and the wide range of sexual fantasies explored ineach hentai scene.

Background and storyline

This game puts you in the role of a rich girl turned poor after her father’s business goes belly-up. Now she has huge debts to repay and she will have to resort to all kinds of unsavory deeds to scrape together the money…or else!

Dialogue with the man in black

Gameplay and objectives

Compatible with both PC and mobile devices,this game allows you to move through the game simply by clicking. You get to choose your outfits, your jobs, and the kinds of side-jobs you are willing to take on for extra money. Your objective is to make money as quickly as possible, and opportunities will keep cropping up as you make your way through the world of work.

User Interface of Broke Girl

Dialogue boxes with a list of choices of answer appear on the screen at regular intervals, forcing you to make some vital decisions:Should you sell your body and become part of the oldest profession in the world, in order to literally save your skin? If so, where does love fit into the picture?


The hentai parts of the game provide a mix of suspense and pleasure. The build-up to the hentai scenes, the sexy dialogue, and the sex scenes themselves vary from one scenario to the next, leaving nothing to be desired. As your character builds up her job skills and fame quota, sheunlocks different job venues, sexy outfits, and most importantly, meetsdifferent male characters whoencourage her to have sex with them in exchange forthe tips and bonuses she desperately needs to repay her debt.

Extract from an uncensored hentai scene in Broke Girl

What makes the hentai scenes so exciting is that you get to explore a variety of different relationship types and sexual interactions: flirting, flings, romance, intrigue, and even true love. The sex scenes range from tender and seductive to rough, wild, and insanely passionate. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how much your character secretly enjoys her sex escapades with dominant strangers!

Technical points

Graphics and animation

The graphics are overall well-rendered. There are many changes of scenery and characters.

Music and sound effects

The various pieces of classical music make for a relaxing ambiance in which to enjoy the game. The suspense scenes are accompanied by suitable suspense music that draws you into the scenario.

A character skills interface


The game is available for download to desktop or mobile and is very easy to master. You can click around the screen to select your outfits, jobs and dialogue choices.

Difficulty and lifespan

The game makes you work at building up your earning capacity and your savings, but it never feels slow-moving or repetitive thanks to the many sexy treats you get to enjoy along the way.

Another extract from an uncensored hentain scene in Broke Girl

Some facts and figures

  • 2 ways to play: PC or mobile phone
  • Over 30 dialogue choices
  • 6 different endings
  • 14 hentai illustrations and several nude shots
  • Available in 5 different languages, including English

Presentation of the user interface


This spontaneous and unpredictable game draws you in from the outset, providing just the right amount of suspense and difficulty to keep you engaged from start to finish. It explores the notion of “pleasure is pain” while incorporating a range of contrasts that bring an added dimension to the storyline (rich vs. poor, true love vs. sex for money).

The hot dialogues, well-constructed plotline and the diverse hentai scenes contribute to a pleasant gaming experience. A very well-rounded and sexy visual novel.

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